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PC Cheats for L4D2 Left 4 Dead 2 are listed here for archiving & recording purposes. Left 4 Dead 2 is a first person shooter video game which Valve released on November 2004 for Windows.

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Cheats in L4D2 Left 4 Dead 2 works only if sv_cheats is set lớn the value of 1. Additionally, the console is required lớn type the code for desired effect. If the console is not showing-up, make sure lớn enable developer console in L4D2 options.
In your Steam Library, Right Cliông chồng the Left 4 Dead 2 links & select Properties under the General tab. Select Set Launch Options, type-in -console in the box, và press Ok. Start L4D2, & the console window should appear at the main thực đơn. Type in bind p toggleconsole in the console. Next, type any of the following maps codes và press key khổng lồ load the game bản đồ. Tip: The same maps can be used with the changelevel or changecấp độ in-game.
If this trick seems complicated, we have an alternate method. While playing Left for Dead 2 in-game, go to your main thực đơn and select Options. Next, choose the Keyboard/Mouse. Check the Allow Developers Console box. Press ~ key lớn display your console. Type-in bind p toggleconsole in the console. Lastly, type any of the following bản đồ & press key to load the game map. Here are our sample map codes:
maps c4m1_milltown_amaps c4m2_sugarmill_amap c4m3_sugarmill_b (Mill Escape level)bản đồ c4m4_milltown_b (Return To Town level)map c4m5_milltown_escape
maps c5m1_waterfront_sndscapebản đồ c5m1_waterfrontmap c5m2_parkmap c5m3_cemeterymaps c5m4_quartermaps c5m5_bridge




Boost with your Adrenaline Shot, then use your Medkit to heal afterwards. This serves as your quiông xã fix, more so when you’re battling a zombie horde.
Look for a corner while you are equipped with a melee weapon. Press & Hold your Melee weapon while at ayên toward the approaching infected. Tip: You may still get hit a few times.
Boomer:Shoot at the stomach while staying as far baông chồng as possible.Charger: Get cthua thảm to it. This will prevent it from charging, và then it can only inflict melee damage. This makes it easier lớn kill it with any weapon (melee or gun).Hunter: When it is in its pouncing position, use a shotgun lớn nudge it away, then shoot it in the face. Alternately, use the shove move while it is jumping at you lớn force it to lớn stumble bachồng, thus preventing it from landing on you.Jockey: Get inkhổng lồ a huddle with your teammates, and wait for the Jockey to appear. When you see it, all teammates can shoot the Jockey at the same time. Huddling together will prevent it from launching at you. Alternately, use the shove sầu move sầu while it is launching at you khổng lồ force it to lớn stumble baông xã, thus preventing it from landing on you.Smoker: Use a similar strategy as with the Charger. You must get directly in front of it before killing it. The Smoker uses its tongue khổng lồ grab survivors from far distances, but it cannot bởi that when you are very cthua thảm.Spitter: Shoot at the head, and be ready to lớn get out of the way when it spits.Tank: Go to lớn high ground, và shoot at it while dodging it. In Co-op mode, use a grenade launcher for a frontal assault while your teammates fire at its baông xã with shotguns. Alternately, vì not try lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá any damage to lớn the Tank, but instead hide somewhere & let the survivor A.I. kill it.
In the bar in the abandoned town, find the jukebox, and play it to hear “Eat Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton.
In The Parish: The Park, when you reach the bar with the jukebox inside, keep skipping through the songs khổng lồ eventually hear the tuy vậy “I’m Still Alive” from Portal.

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Start a versus match with friends. Play as the Spitter, và have a friend as the Smoker. Have sầu your friover start choking a survivor with the Smoker, then spit on the survivor with the Spitter while the Smoker is choking them lớn get the “A Spittle Help From My Friends” achievement.
Play against a friover. Jump on the back of a bot as the Jockey, và have your frikết thúc melee you off. Run away khổng lồ recover. Then, jump on a survivor’s baông chồng khổng lồ get the “Back In The Saddle” achievement.
In Dead Center: The Atrium Finale in Survival mode, kill the bots so they bởi vì not steal your kills. Then, grab the grenade launcher & a bile bomb. Once the horde starts, throw the bile bomb, and wait for a large number of them to lớn get around it. Then, fire the grenade launcher at the horde around the bile bomb. You should get the “Dismemberment Plan” achievement as long as their were a large number of zombies standing around the bile bomb.
In Dark Carnival: The Barns, find the strength-testing mini-game in the first area. Inject adrenaline, & hit it with a melee weapon lớn get the “Gong Show” achievement.
In Dark Carnival: The Fairgrounds, find the shooting range. Score over 500 points lớn make a garden gnome appear. Carry the gnome khổng lồ the kết thúc of the cấp độ, and board the chopper with it at the over of Dark Carnival: The Concert khổng lồ get the “Guardin’ Gnome” achievement.
In Dead Center: The Streets, reach the “Save 4 Less” store where you must get the cola. Kill all the CEDA agents along the way, và collect the vials of Boomer vomit they drop (not all CEDA agents will drop Boomer vomit). If you still need more vials of Boomer vomit once you reach the store, just phối off the alarm, và hordes will keep coming with random CEDA agents.
Start a versus match with friends. Play as the Jockey, & have a friover as the Spitter. Then, jump onto lớn a survivor as the Jockey, và steer them into the Spitter’s acid lớn get the “Rode Hard” achievement.
In Dead Center: The Atrium Finale in Survival mode, have sầu a human survivor go up lớn the top of the stairs, shoot out an area of the glass railing, và jump off so they die. Then, grab the defibrillator, và revive sầu them. Restart the level again, & repeat this until you get the “Shochồng Jock” achievement.
In Dark Carnival: The Barns, find the Whack-A-Mole mini-game. Get a score of 42 to get the “Stabịt Whacker” achievement.
In Dead Center: The Atrium Finale in Survival mode, kill any bots so they cannot revive sầu the human survivor. Grab an adrenaline shot. Then, go up to the top of the stairs, shoot out an area of the glass railing, & have sầu a human survivor fall off where the glass railing was so they are hanging onto the edge. Inject the adrenaline shot, & revive them. Have them fall off the edge again, & revive sầu them again. Repeat this until you get “The Quick And The Dead” achievement.
In The Parish: The Cemetery, when you reach the impound lot area with all the cars, just use a melee weapon to kill the Infected. The computer players will not phối off an alarm. All the red cars have oto alarms, so try to lớn stay by the trắng cars. Once you make it past the area with all the cars without setting off an alarm, you will get the “Violence In Silence” achievement once you make it lớn the safe house.
Note: All three other players must be bots for this triông chồng to work. Before the alarm goes off, clear all explosive sầu items & vị not use incendiary ammo. Then, crouch in the corner near the exit khổng lồ the plane so the Infected cannot get you from behind or either side. Once the alarm is sounded & the horde start attacking, throw a Molotov khổng lồ bloông xã the entrance. After that, the computer players should st& in front of you and take the damage. Just stay in the same place the entire time, and you should get the “Wing And A Prayer” achievement.

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Successfully complete the indicated task khổng lồ unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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