So sánh note 2 và note 3

In the last two months, BOOX releases two models in its 10.3-inch cảnh báo line khổng lồ better satisfy different user needs.

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Although lưu ý Air và Note3 have sầu a totally different design và a large specification gap, users will get indecisive sầu in the purchase.

Therefore, this post will walk you through these two great new device’s main differences & help you figure out which one suits you best. Also, we’ll add Note2 khổng lồ the condemo to give sầu a comprehensive view.

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Note3: Advanced in All Aspects with Lightweight


If you care about the paper-like writing experience và optimal performance, then Note3 is the best choice for you.

As the latest member of the lưu ý line, Note3 soon takes the place of Note2 & becomes our premium lưu ý model.

Note3 outstands Note2 mostly because of its hardware & software advancement.

The octa-core processor once seen in Note2 gets upgraded in Note3 khổng lồ offer more power for multitasking. So you can experience noticeably faster speed when turning the page, opening apps, và browsing webs.



Working with Note3

Although Note3 has the same large storage of 4G RAM và 64G ROM, the improved storage & flashing memory solutions make it even cthảm bại lớn our flagship Model Max Lumày.

LPDDR4X & UFS2.1 in Note3 can transfer data multiple times quicker than the LPDDR3 and eMMC in Note2. Differences are trivial in transferring small-sized files — but when it comes to the large ones, you’ll see the gap.

Moreover, Note3 uses Bluetooth 5.0. So it’s more stable in connection & can transmit more data per second when compared lớn the Note2 with BT 4.1.

Therefore, if improved speed matters khổng lồ you, Note3 with advanced hardware is more suitable.

Reading with Note3

When it comes lớn reading, Note3 has a front-lit 10.3inch display with 1872x1404 resolution & 227 dpi. Its form size is excellent for showing academic materials in PDF và ebooks.

Also, the adjustable front light can help you read small-to-large-format content sharply at any scene. If you read both PDFs and ebooks và want to take notes on them, Note3 is a perfect size khổng lồ cover both needs.

Note3 is an allrounder device in our BOOX family. One of the reasons is that it balances functionality and kích thước perfectly.

Unlike the super large Max models, such as Max Lumi & Max3, Note3 is smaller & weighs only around 375g. The form size makes it so flexible in displaying any kind of content. And the weight makes it much more portable than Max models & even cảnh báo Air with 420g.

Also, the screen of Note3 is different from chú ý Air.

BOOX Note3

Note3 has a Mobius flexible screen with AG (Anti-Glare) glass flat cover-lens, whereas chú ý Air has an HD Carta screen with AG glass flat cover-lens. That’s to say, Note3 has a more pen-to-paper feel than chú ý Air.

If you love sầu the size of 10.3inch and cares more about the writing experience and overall performance, then Note3 is the best choice for you.

lưu ý Air: Slyên & Ergonomic

If pen-to-paper texture và large storage doesn’t matter to you much, the slyên ổn, chic và affordable cảnh báo Air with flexible, advanced features can be the most suitable 10.3inch for you.

Note Air is a unique Mã Sản Phẩm in the cảnh báo line.

Unlike Note3 và Note2’s conventional form factor, Note Air has a wider bezel to lớn give extra grip on one side. The G-sensor providing auto-rotation combining the kiến thiết offers you a truly ergonomic experience. Also, the refreshing color combination of navy blue và orange adds a more stylish và vivid hint to lớn the device.

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When speaking of thiết kế, what makes cảnh báo Air outstanding in an array of 10.3inches is its 5.8mm ultra-slim body toàn thân. Such a thickness packs a chất lượng speaker, a specially reinforced USB type-C interface, a power button, and a lot of advanced hardware.

The once-piece Aluminum case firmly holds the EPD module.

Moreover, we use advanced công nghệ to lớn build out a slyên ổn but rigid body toàn thân. lưu ý Air thus becomes a quality-made Android device that provides excellent hand feel, effortless grip & extraordinary performance.

It features some of the same essential hardware & software with Note3: a powerful upgraded octa-core chip, BT 5.0, Android 10 và the lachạy thử firmware. All add up khổng lồ make a responsive cảnh báo Air. Although it only has 3GB LPDDR4X RAM + 32GB eMMC ROM, which is smaller than Note3’s, it’s quite ample room for a bunch of files, ebooks, và notes.

Drawing on lưu ý Air

Another huge difference between Note Air và Note3 is their screen. chú ý Air adopts the HD Carta screen, the upgraded version of the fourth generation of E Ink screen, to render crisp texts and reduce page refreshes’ needs. Although cảnh báo Air doesn’t provide a much paper-lượt thích feel, its in-box screen protector will improve the writing experience.

Taking notes on cảnh báo Air

If pen-to-paper texture and large storage don’t matter to you much, the slim, chic and affordable cảnh báo Air with flexible, advanced features can be the most suitable 10.3inch for you.

When you hold it at hand, you won’t regret it.

Note2: The Best Time to Get A Discounted All-rounder Device

If you’re budget-limited, fond of paper-like experience, and don’t care much about the trivial differences between Android 9 and 10, you cannot miss the powerful, discounted Note2.

Is Note2 obsolete? Not at all.

Before Note3 coming out, Note2 was the most advanced lưu ý Mã Sản Phẩm. It has the octa-core processor of Max3 và massive storage of 4GB+64GB. It outpaces Nova models in terms of storage và size. It weighs around 375g, balancing a large khung factor and portability perfectly. Also, with Android 9.0, it outpaces most of the Android-based E Ink tablets in the market.

Taking notes with Note2

You can vì chưng a lot of things on Note2.

Read pdfs, epubs, dế yêu, cbr and all kinds of tệp tin formats. Pinch-to-zoom seamlessly to lớn view content clearly. Split the screen khổng lồ read books và take notes.

Install third-các buổi party apps, including Kindle, Scribd, Bloomberg, và Reddit.

Listen to lớn the music with the chất lượng dual speakers or your Bluetooth earbuds.

Take down notes on custom templates. And draw with powerful tools, such as lasso, different colors & then sync your works to the cloud.

From reading, note-taking khổng lồ multitasking, Note2 can meet almost all your needs. Although Note2 won’t upgrade to Android 10, the lakiểm tra V3.0 Firmware will soon come to it, as we’re conducting beta tests aước ao some experienced users.

More importantly, Note2 has a Mobius screen with high resolution. So it can provide a better writing feeling.

BOOX Note2

Suppose you’re budget-limited, fond of paper-like experience and don’t care much about the trivial differences between Android 9 and 10. In that case, you cannot miss the discounted Note2. It’s the best time khổng lồ get an advanced, versatile 10.3inch Android tablet with $70 off.

Take A Quiz lớn Better Determine The Most Suitable chú ý Model for You

If you still can’t decide which cảnh báo mã sản phẩm suits you most, don’t worry; we make a quiông xã quiz to help you figure out the answer. Join in now.

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Note3 vs. lưu ý Air vs. Note2

You can now order Note3lưu ý Air at the BOOX Shop to get a full set of free accessories.

If you’re new khổng lồ BOOX products, you’re welcome to join our Facebook fans group to lớn learn the tips&skills of using BOOX tablets và what the experienced users love about BOOX
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