Tải game beta cho windows phone minecraft

Anyone who"s interested in the game that has become one of the most talked about games on Facebook is likely very excited khổng lồ hear about the lakiểm tra version - Minecraft Beta. It"s still unclear whether the new release by Mojang will be an improvement over the alpha version that was released a few months ago, but there"s no doubt that it"s looking pretty good so far. Android users can already choose khổng lồ add their friends to lớn the beta and opt-out from the Facebook page. It"s unclear when Mojang will decide whether they"ll be able to unloông chồng the game for other platforms such as Windows mobile, but you can get a taste of what"s in store for you in the YouTube đoạn phim embedded below.

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As if you couldn"t tell from the đoạn Clip, Minecraft Beta has been changed quite a bit since it first debuted. The biggest change is obviously the rename of the game, which has now been officially re-branded to simply "Minecraft". Minecraft refers to lớn a game that is played on the computer, meaning it doesn"t use any actual gaming hardware. Since the game doesn"t use any of the standard computertóm tắt systems, it"s important that the name is changed in order to lớn allow more people to lớn find the game.

One of the most interesting features of the Minecraft Beta is the fact that Mojang has decided lớn rename all the blocks in the game. While the Vanilla game had only two different blochồng types, the beta packs have sầu several more. There are even different names for the grass, gravel, & water blocks. Even the recipes for those items have been simplified so that they match the rest of the paông chồng. This means that if you"re familiar with the Vanilla game, then you should easily be able khổng lồ get use to the new loot in the beta. There"s also no sign of any additional mobs being added, which is probably going lớn be a nice change as well.

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Title:Minecraft Beta 1.13.2 for WindowsRequirements:Windows 7Language:EnglishAvailable languages:English,Arabic,Czech,Danish,German,Greek,Spanish,Finnish,French,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Dutch,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Swedish,Turkish,ChineseLicense:PaidDate added:Thursday, August 19th 2021Author:Mojang




We don"t have sầu any change log information yet for version 1.13.2 of Minecraft Beta. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days khổng lồ see if it has been updated.

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