So you are using Windows 7 but would like to go back to the design of Windows XP. You are not alone there are many windows users who wanted to have a Windows XP like theme on their Windows 7 computer without downgrading to Windows XP Operating System.

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For this, we have to download XP styled theme skins and apply them on your Windows 7 computer. Let’s learn how to get the Windows XP look.

How to Install Windows XP Theme on Windows 7

First, you have to download the UxStyle software on your Windows 7 Computer.Download this XP based theme named UXStyle using this link downloading the zip file extract it and open the UxStyle_Core folder.Then you have to find out which version of Windows 7 you are running.Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > System option and find out whether you have the 64-bit version or 32-bit version.Run the UxStyle_Core_Jul13_x64.exe file if you are using a 64bit version of Windows 7. If not then run the x86 version named UxStyle_Core_Jul13_x86.exe.After installing the UxStyle Theme Patcher on your Windows 7 computer you have to download the XP theme. Download the one which you like below.Download the Windows 7 XP Luna Theme or the Download the Windows 7 XP Royale Blue Theme.Now extract the theme files into the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes directory if C is your driver where Windows 7 is installed or replace C with the correct drive.That’s it you should be able to see the Windows XP theme applied on your Windows 7 computer.

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Hope you were able to make your Windows 7 look like Windows XP. You can also do this in Windows 10 and make Windows 10 look like XP.Do let us know your comments below.
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