In the height of 2020, Google Meet was acquiring 3 million users daily! The increase in its user base was partially due khổng lồ Zoom’s privacy scandal. But recently, Google has made things even more interesting by introducing some new visual effects for Google Meet.

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For those of you who want more adventurous Google Meet visual effects we have our lip of awesome Google Chrome extensions that can spice up your Google Meet experience. We’ve also covered Google’s 2021 update, which now includes awesome filters, backgrounds, & “styles”.

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What are visual effects on Google Meet?

One may wonder what these special effects on Google actually are. Well, Google Meet visual effects simply refer to lớn the various filters & Google effects extensions offered on the Google Chrome website Store.

In today’s times, when everything is held online, from business meetings khổng lồ classes in school, it often gets very monotonous. With over 100 million daily Meet meeting participants, these visual effects và filters help break that monotony và make the online interaction between people more fun.

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Now there are no in-built features in the Google Meet ứng dụng or website application. However, there are various other developers that have made visual effects for Google Meet that can be used by adding their extension lớn your mạng internet browser.

Google Meet just got new visual effects, filters và stickers (2021)!