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Your Windows license will expire soon is a pretty straightforward message that prompts you to renew your license.But the truth is that system errors can just as easily trigger the Windows license will expire soon message.One explanation for the Windows will expire soon error is a rejected license key. Don"t be shy khổng lồ find it in Comm& Prompt.If your Windows will expire soon prompt is still displayed, you may have sầu to lớn dig deeper in the Registry & the Group Policy Editor.

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After doing that your Windows should become activated và the error message will be resolved.

If you can’t open the Settings ứng dụng, take a look at this article to solve sầu the issue.

5. Create a backup for the registry & modify it

5.1 Create a backup

Note: In case anything goes wrong after modifying the registry, you can just run the file you created and it will restore your registry to lớn the original state.

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5.2 Modify the registry

xuất hiện Commvà Prompt as administrator.

By running this commvà you’ll modify your registry and prsự kiện the Your Windows license will expire soon message from appearing.

If you experience any issues after modifying the registry, simply run the registry backup file in order to restore your registry to the original state.

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By following these guidelines you should be able lớn fix the Your Windows License Will Expire Soon alert on Windows 10.

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